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Thin Brick

Thin brick is available from many manufacturers of full-size brick. Thin units are typically a half-inch to an inch in thickness, often made by simply cutting the faces off full-size units. For structural reasons, thin brick are often needed to match full-size units on the same job, and the saw-cutting method ensures a solid color match.  As thin brick are not installed using masonry, great care must be taken to select and execute an installation method that prevents water penetration to the interior walls. While thin brick can often be installed more quickly than true brick masonry, the total cost of material and labor for proper installation is typically higher than that of true masonry. Contact Riverside for assistance in evaluating the costs and benefits.  

TruBrix from Redland Brick Company is a fully engineered system for installing thin brick that provides all the materials needed to both ensure solid installation and prevent water penetration. Brick units are thicker than many other thin products, and this provides integrity and strength for a system designed not to glue or clip units in place, but to have them held firmly in a tongue-and-groove grid. TruBrix can be used to create beautiful retrofits for non-masonry buildings, or to place matching thin brick in places on masonry buildings where actual masonry is not practical.

Call a Riverside professional for more information on TruBrix from Redland.

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