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Thin Masonry

Thin masonry is a bit of an oxymoron. True masonry is built on a foundation, with each layer supported largely by the layers beneath it. In the case of thin brick or thin stone, every unit is supported by the backing wall to which is it attached, sometimes using a track system fastened to the wall, sometimes with the units adhered more directly to the wall. With thin units, great care should be taken to use a system engineered and installed to manage moisture penetration and drainage, as well as to ensure that all units are securely and permanently in place. Properly installed thin veneer can be used for either interior and exterior applications. Kitchen walls and back splashes can be made warm and dramatic using thin veneers, and fire place surrounds can be made spectacular. TruBrix is one of the finest exterior thin brick systems, perfect for either retrofits, or to provide units to match masonry brick in areas where weight is an issue.