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The term "stone" was once simple to define, but the word is used in modern building to refer to many products that don't qualify under the dictionary definition. Riverside Brick offers a number of quality products referred to by their manufacturers as "stone," some actually made of stone.

Masonry units from Arriscraft International are manufactured using materials and processes that mirror natural limestone formation. The units possess all the strength, density and durability of natural limestone at a cost competitive with manufactured concrete units -- without the long-term shrinkage common to cement-based products. Arriscraft can be easily cut or chiseled on the jobsite, and rockface units are individually hand finished. Arriscraft is available in a variety of sizes, colors and dimensions for both commercial and residential applications.

Realstone Systems manufactures natural stone veneers using genuine recycled natural stone. The products are beautiful, environmentally friendly, and easy to install. Available in panels, planks and tiles, Realstone is a great option for creating unique interior effects -- such as kitchen backsplashes and fireplace surrounds -- and, when properly installed, exterior accents.

Manufactured stone is a cement product designed to simulate the look of real stone at a lower cost. Unlike real stone masonry, manufactured stone units are generally thin, and are bonded to a supporting wall. Riverside features Cultured Stone by Boral -- the original manufactured stone whose name has become widely used to identify all manufactured stone. Riverside stocks a variety of colors and styles of Cultured Stone, and even special orders can be filled within a few days. We also carry the Mountain Stone, Suncrest and Dutch Quality brands of manufactured stone. As manufactured stone is not installed using masonry, great care must be taken to select an installation method that prevents water penetration to interior walls.

Cast stone is a term generally used for precast concrete, particularly using the "dry-tamp" process. many units and shapes can be made using the less costly dry-tamp process, while other shapes are only achievable using poured concrete in custom molds. The wet-pour process generally results in structural properties not possible with dry-tamp, but at a higher cost. Riverside can be your guide in sourcing cast stone and architectural precast concrete.