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Mortar and Masonry Cement

Riverside Brick is proud to represent several mortar and masonry cement manufacturers that are regarded as the leaders of the industry producing the highest quality masonry cement for the construction industry.

Our partners allow Riverside Brick to provide a wide range of colored cements using a blend of portland cement, limestone and iron oxide pigments. All of these products conform or exceed theĀ ASTM requirements for unit masonry. These products are available in three formulated strengths: Type N, Type S, and Type M. Type N masonry cement should be used for above grade construction and is recommended for brick and block veneers. Type S is a stronger mix and can be used either below or above grade. Type M is the highest strength and is designed for below grade only where additional compressive strengths might be needed. Our colored masonry cements are also available in a portland cement and hydrated lime blend(PCL). These products are available in type N and S strengths. Please contact one of our commercial sale representatives to help with your color selections and design needs.