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Architectural Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU)

Architectural Concrete Masonry Units are available in numerous colors, sizes, and textures, each of which help to define the product's aesthetic value.There are three primary categories that make up the family of architectural concrete masonry units: split face block, ground face block and glazed block.

The split face and ground face block are commonly referred to as integrally colored concrete masonry units because the pigmented color of the block exists through the body of the material and not just the face of the block. They are versatile and can be used as structural or veneer units. These products are very durable, maintenance free and will last the life cycle of any building.

Astra-Glaze blocks are pre-faced architectural concrete masonry units that have a thermoset glazing compound permanently molded to one or more faces, creating a satin gloss finish available in numerous colors that will help with any architectural design. These products are easy to clean as they are impervious and resistant to any type of sanitary or chemical cleaners.