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Brick and Stone for Commercial

The best architects and designers are constantly alert for products that distinguish their projects and maximize their performance. Riverside Brick's commercial representatives all wish they were architects, and they bring that enthusiasm to the table.  We can present you with a wide range of size, color and texture choices for traditional clay brick, but also with the newest options in other masonry and non-masonry products.  Share your ground-floor vision with one of our reps, and let them help you deliver it -- it's the most fun they get to have.       

A Limited Menu of Possibilities:

Clay Brick

 If clay brick is one of your options, size is one of your first decisions. Large-dimension "utility" brick, for example, create a very different perceived scale than do standard-size brick, and sizes with less traditional dimensions such as Normans and closures create a look all their own. We can help you select the unit that best fits your design. Review a sample of size options.

Beyond size, color will likely be your next call. The variations of red-body brick are innumerable, ranging from deep burgundy to red-orange to rosy, or to gray, tan, or other colors achieved with coatings and other techniques. They may be handmade, machine-molded or extruded, with extruded representing the greatest share of total brick production. While handmade and molded brick offer rich character, extruded brick offer tighter tolerances and lower costs. Review a sample selection of handmademachine-molded, and extruded red-body brick options.

You may prefer for your design a brick that is light, tan, or gray all the way through. These brick, commonly called "admix" or "through-the-body" brick, are made using special clays and additives which add to their production cost but create unique color/texture combinations that cannot be achieved with red-body brick. Review a sample selection of admix colors


Arriscraft International mimics nature's formation process using the ingredients of natural limestone to manufacture a line of stone products with remarkable range and capability.  Renaissance Stone is available in twelve standard colors, in two finishes, and in three sizes -- including 12" x 24". Renaissance possesses all the strength, density and durability of natural limestone at a cost competitive with manufactured concrete units -- without the long-term shrinkage common to cement-based products. The units can be easily cut or chiseled on the jobsite. Rockface units are individually hand-finished. Review selections of Renaissance Stone.

Citadel Stone from Arriscraft is available in four sizes and six standard colors, all with a tumbled finish. Citadel gives your project an "old world" quality on day one. Review selections of Citadel Stone.

Riverside offers a wide variety of architectural concrete masonry units (CMU), including split-face, ground-face, and other textures in several dozen colors. These masonry units are both structural and decorative, with texture and color designed for a richer look than plain or painted gray block.  For a concrete block wall that echoes the dimensions and colors of brick, we offer Quik Brik, a half-high unit tinted in ranges to simulate real clay brick.  While these units are not generally well-suited to residential use, they have a number of commercial applications, and may yield a lower up-front cost than traditional masonry walls.

Mortar joints make up nearly 20 percent of most brick walls, and the color of those joints changes the look of the brick or block. Our representatives can help you select the mortar and masonry cements to best suit your project, both in terms of color and compliance with building codes in your area.

In addition to the walls of your project, we carry a wide array of paving brick to create walkways, courtyards, and parking areas. Whether mortared in place or sand-set, our representatives will assist you in selecting the right product and the right installation.

The effect of great design and proper installation must always be preserved through proper masonry cleaning at the end of the job. The right cleaner for one product may be the worst cleaner for another, and after the fact is the worst time to consider and plan. Know and specify the best products and techniques for cleaning the walls you design.